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What We Do

The Condo Insight team, with its wealth of real estate expertise, is dedicated to providing inimitable support for our clients.

  • We provide the most extensive condo-related intelligence in the Philadelphia region, which includes historic and current condominium information, but also accurate and reliable forecasts.
  • We provide the necessary data and analyses to make effective condominium comparisons, leading to better purchasing and pricing decisions.
  • We provide clients with an interest in the Philadelphia condo market with an unbiased, quantitative assessment of condos across the region.
  • We provide forecasts that are based upon our comprehensive database.

Added Value

  • We created the most reliable and complete database on condominiums in the Greater Philadelphia region.
  • We provide an unbiased, objective lens, as we are independent and not affiliated with a brokerage or any financial institutions.
  • We can compare all condominiums, on and off the market, with an unmatched level of detail.
  • We have extensive, intimate knowledge of the condominium market and the historical data reaching back to 2000.

Discover Our Services

Condo Insight provides a suite of services to inform and shape successful condominium sales strategies. Our analyses are consistently grounded in current economic reality with an understanding of the factors that drive the real estate market.



We can compare condominium buildings and their units across the region and rank them side-by-side on a range of factors including:

  • amenities
  • price-per-square-foot
  • available units
  • sales price
  • sales history


Comparison and Forecast

Our comprehensive dataset enable us to provide useful comparisons and accurate forecasts.


Real Estate Appraisals

Members of our team are well-known, respected, licensed, and designated.


Market Overview 

Our team of experts understands the key factors that drive the condo market.


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